A Guide To Umbra Products

Umbra Products

Umbra Designer Products – you may never have heard of them, or you may well already know of them and perhaps have a few of their products yourself.  Either way, what is for certain is that Umbra is becoming more and more known to the population and their products look amazing on show, whether in a home, office, or other building / workspace.

Umbra is a global housewares product design company that bring thought and creativity to your standard everyday items through original design.  The company have been in existence for 36 years and counting and originated from Toronto, Canada.  The reason the company was first created is pretty simple – one of the two co-founders, Paul Rowan (his childhood friend Les Mandelbaum being the other co-founder) wants a window shade in his apartment at the time and just couldn’t find one so he decided to create his own.  Paul was then brought in as co-founder and the business took off with them both turning everyday items into sleek, modern designs.  As things stand at the present moment, the company has a team of international designers who withhold the company values and produce products that are original, modern, casual, functional and affordable, with these items being sold in over 120 countries – quite some achievement considering where it all started in 1979!

Now, if you are lucky enough to live in Toronto you can pay a visit to the Umbra Store located in the city’s creative Queen West District, where you can view and shop the latest in Umbra and Umbra shift collections. For a look at just what Umbra produce if you aren’t lucky enough to live in Toronto, take a virtual walk over to their site where your eyes will be able to feast upon a variety of goods ranging from Photo Frames to Corkscrews, Shelves to Wall Hooks, and many more things.

Contemporary Heaven’s website gives you the opportunity to purchase real, genuine Umbra products, and they are located in Dereham, Norfolk meaning the can ship items to you in the UK at a fraction of the cost it would be should you ship them from Umbra in Canada.  They are easily contactable so should you have a request or a question or query that you would like to discuss, they avenues are there for you to speak to them directly, and the team at CH will only be too happy to help you get the most out of your experience.

If you hadn’t heard of Umbra Designer Products before, then you certainly have now and we hope that you love them just as much as we do.  If you had already heard of Umbra, then what can we say?  Good Taste!

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