Why You Should Buy Carpets From India

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If you are looking forward to buying carpets then look forward to India as the maker. Carpet manufacturers India are very famous the world over. You will find the pricing of this product well within your limit as it is government-regulated. This guide traces the carpet-making aspect of India. You can have a look here to find out more information.

Why carpets are exported from India?

Since the early centuries, Indian carpets have been to far-off nations as India is famous for the hand-made carpets. It was in the 15th century that carpet-making started in Kashmir. The weavers in the country are very much skilled and have expertise in the carpet-making process. For this reason, people are inclined to buy the carpets which are manufactured in India.

India has been a global leader in carpets which are handmade. In the present times as well, India has also been focussing on increasing its exports to China. Most of these carpets are handmade overseas these carpets are the most liked ones.

Famous Indian places where carpets are manufactured

It has been substantiated that carpets manufactured in Kashmir are the world-famous ones. Indian Handmade carpets have also acquired a wide significance in the global market. The increasing significance of handmade carpets is because of the exclusive craft with which these products are made.

Some cities have been identified as clusters in India for carpet-making and are as follows:

  • Sri Nagar
  • Mirzapur
  • Leh
  • Jammu
  • Bikaner
  • Bhadohi
  • Agra and so on

The Indian carpets have intricate designs which are worth the investment that you make.

Types of carpets Manufacturers in India

Let us check out why India has been a leader in carpet-manufacturing. You can look forward to the type of carpets manufactured here which are as follows:

  • Chain stitch rugs
  • Hand knotted carpets
  • Handmade woollen carpets
  • Pure silk carpets
  • Staple or synthetic carpets
  • Tufted woollen carpets
  • Woollen carpets

The above types of carpets are quite famous in the European markets and are very much in demand in the high-profile circuits.

Are Indian carpets really expensive?

Considering the various types of carpets produced in India, you can also look forward to the pricing factor. In the coming times, there will be an increased importance of carpet. But one should look into the carpet pricing as well.

Carpet exporters in India have focussed a lot on keeping the pricing of the carpets up to the mark. India has always been a land of flourishing skills and its reach is far across the world. For this reason, you will find that pricing of high-quality rugs is well within your reach.

It is not only Indian carpets but rugs that are produced in the market. You can look forward to the floor coverings which are widely referred in international carpet markets. You can also pick the Carpet Export Promotion Council. This governing body regulates the pricing of the rugs and carpets.

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