Looking for wooden flooring in London?

Choose engineered wood and save money

So, you are thinking of replacing that old, worn, brown carpet in the dining room or the vinyl on your shop floor? When considering your options you know that you need a cheap, quick, easy to fit new floor and most of all you want it to look great. Wooden floors are standard in new homes these days and there’s no doubt that they will give your room a new lease of life.


When looking for wooden flooring in London engineered wood will not be hard to come by. It has many benefits and looks great in most rooms. Whilst it is tempting to go for the cheapest option and stick with laminate we see in so many homes and businesses, real wood flooring looks better and lasts longer.


Engineered wood isn’t the most expensive real wood option. When compared to solid wood flooring, which is essentially one board of very thick hardwood, there is no contest if your main goal is to keep the cost of your real wood flooring down. Engineered wood is made up from many layers of plywood, with a thin piece of hardwood on the top, which allows it to be made cheaply yet have the same visual effect as solid wood.

Easy Installation

Solid wood flooring has to have the right environment; it doesn’t react well to moisture and has to be nailed into place onto a wood subfloor. If the location of your new floor hasn’t got a wood subfloor, or is in a damper, less controlled environment such as a bathroom, kitchen or basement, engineered wood is definitely for you. Engineered wood can be glued onto various subfloors, or nailed onto wood subfloors. Engineered Wood comes with a tongue and groove system which can be clicked together to make up the floor, this means that the entire floor doesn’t even have to be glued or nailed and can simply float over your existing tile or vinyl flooring,

Variety of styles

Whether you are a fan of parquet flooring or a traditionalist who likes their wooden flooring to look like boards of hardwood, there are many different styles to choose from when it comes to engineered wood. You can choose from different wood sizes, colours and surface finishes to suit your style and it will not be a problem to find a colour that will match the existing furnishings in your home or business.

If you have a change of heart after a few years or wish to give a new look to your engineered wood flooring that will not be a problem as it can also be sanded down and re-treated to look as good as new.

Increase the value of your home or business

It has been proved that installing real wood or laminate wood flooring into your home will actually increase the value of it when you come to sell. An estate agent and a new buyer will be able to tell the difference in quality from a laminate to a real wood floor and as real wood flooring lasts longer and can be re-treated, it’s a great selling point.


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