Positive & Negative Features of Concrete Flooring

Concrete Flooring

Attractive flooring is a matter of great pride and satisfaction for the builders and the building owners. Different types of materials including concrete are used for making available sleek floors that not only attract the owners & visitors

but also enhance the value of the premises.

Advantages – Concrete floors are advantageous as follows:

  • Long lastingUndoubtedly, the floors prepared with concrete last for prolonged years. The building owners do not need to break them and put new flooring after some time. It is because of the hard material, i.e. concrete that is used for making the floors. Heavy equipment including forklifts, stacked crates, trucks or cars can’t just dare to damage the concrete flooring. Likewise, the floors made with concrete can face pet claws, furniture legs and high heels that can’t create any scratches. Anything dropping on the floors does not have any adverse effect or break the floor.
  • Cheap maintenance Minimum amount of maintenance is required to keep the Concrete beam flooring in intact manners. Once installed, you just need to wax or seal the floor once in about six to nine months. This period depends upon the level of traffic or other factors that may damage its upper surface. A smooth cleaning is sufficient to maintain the protective layer of the floor.
  • No pollution Floors made with concrete do not put any adverse effect upon the environment. The air as well water remains free from any pollution as far as concrete floor is concerned.
  • Versatility and design optionsAny floor surface covering over the concrete floor is possible at a later date. Preferred design is also possible as far as this type of floor is concerned. The latest trends in concrete mixing and setting have facilitated the designers to prepare attractive designs.
  • Cheap Concrete floorings are beneficial as regards their costs. The concrete is easily available and its price is also reasonable.

Negatives of concrete flooring – One should be aware of the following drawbacks that are associated with such floorings –

  • Stiffness It is worth noting that concrete floors bear hard surfaces. Anyone falling on these floors is liable to suffer from injuries. Likewise anything falling on the surface may get broken or damaged in a big way.
  • Inconvenient Nobody can stand for prolonged periods as far as surface of the concrete flooring is concerned. It is because of its hardness.
  • ChillyThe other flaw associated with such floors is they are not able to retain the heat in good manners. The surface of these floors becomes cold enough in the winter seasons and one cannot just stand on them without putting on shoes. As such use of carpets becomes necessary to walk on these floors.
  • Dampness The bottom and top surfaces of Concrete beam flooring need to be sealed in proper manner to prevent moisture that often results in great damage. Growth of mildew and mold is possible because of the rising damp that penetrates the concrete floor in a big way.

The above pros and cons of concrete floorings must be considered well before getting the same installed in your buildings.