Factors To Keep In Mind While Buying The Best Hedge Trimmer For Your Garden

Hedge Trimmer

Gardening is a task that requires a lot of effort. A picturesque garden is not just about greenery, it is about how well it looks. There are various tools which are available in the market that can help you give your garden an appealing look. Hedge trimmers are one such tool. If you have noticed those well-shaped hedges in the commercial complexes. Well, they get the shape because of regular trimming. For the perfect trimming of hedges, you would need the right tool so that it can work effectively. Besides giving the shape to the hedges, it is important to trim the hedges and trees so that they grow healthily. You can use the hedge trimmer to get rid of the shrubs and hedges in the garden in no time. The right hedge trimmer will make the job safe, quick and highly efficient. 

Key Points To Consider While Buying Hedge Trimmer:

With an overwhelming number of hedge trimmers, it is always challenging for a homeowner to pick the right one. However, here are a few factors you need to keep in mind while buying a hedge trimmer for your garden


You must consider the power of the hedge trimmer before investing in them. There are a number of types available in the market and their power also differs. If you are planning to buy one, then you must check the power of the trimmer. For larger hedge trimming or for trees, you need to have a high-powered tool. The high-voltage trimmers can handle the jobs that are challenging to do in the garden. There are a few models that are cost-effective and are available with a lower voltage. The power level you want depends totally on the type of hedges you would like to trim in the garden and their size.


This is the most critical factor to consider while buying a hedge trimmer. You can get the corded and lightweight models of trimmers at affordable prices. These are used to do simple jobs. If you want to add convenience to your gardening jobs, you can go for the cordless model. These are used to trim the hedges that are far away from your home. The cost will be affected by various factors like model, brand, power, corded or non-corded ones.  


This trimmer comes in a wide variety of lengths. The kind of blades that the trimmer has also played a key role in making the task easy. The long blade trimmer would be easy to trim the hedges evenly and it is quite cumbersome to manage when you are working in a smaller space. If you want to get the stubborn hedges, you would need to buy a hedge trimmer with a long blade. However, if you are new to the world of trimming the hedges, you can go for the shorter blade trimmer. This is highly safe to use. 


The ease of use totally depends on the weight of the hedge trimmer. You must invest in the hedge trimmers which are ergonomically designed, easy to use and don’t hurt when used for long. The heavy trimmers would also make the experienced trimmers feel tired briskly. You need to buy the lighter models as these are easy and safe to use. 

Blade types: 

You need to check the distance of teeth in the blade and check for the single-sided and double-sided blades. If the blade gap will determine the type of branches you can cut with this hedge trimmer. The commercial trimmers would have a blade gap in inches, but many homeowners prefer to buy smaller blade gaps. The single-sided blades are easy to use and you can keep the sharper side of the blade away from you. The two-sided blades must be used only by experienced trimmers to speed up the trimming job. 


The above-mentioned parameters are a must to consider if you are planning to buy a hedge trimmer. Remember, there are many brands in the market that are selling hedge trimmer, but if you are planning to buy one, then you must shortlist 2-3 brands and then make a comparison on the above-mentioned parameters before zeroing down the option to one. 

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