Choosing Cushions For The House

Cushions For The House

Cushions are one of those accessories that can transform a room from ordinary to special in an instant. They can be found all around our homes, in the kitchen, the dining room, the bedroom and the lounge. Yet how much attention do we really pay to the purchasing of these household essentials?

There was a time when cushions were used as a way to protect couches and sofas from unnecessary wear and tear. Over the years they have evolved from being matching accessories for furniture, to being statement pieces in their own right. Here we offer you some handy hints for choosing the right designer cushions to suit your living space.

Nowadays, we are faced with an enormous range of cushions in every size, shape and colour imaginable. Choosing the right cushions can seem to be an impossible task. The first factor which needs to be considered is the size of your cushions. What is the size of the furniture they will be working with? Oversized cushions work well when paired with large comfy sofas, or chunky wooden furniture. Small cushions look pretty on more delicate items such as wicker chairs, single beds and trunks.

In terms of material, cotton, velvet, silk and polyester cotton blends are all popular options. If you live in a house with children and pets, it may be wise to choose cushions which have washable covers. Silk and velvet covers could in this case be saved for the guest room or the lounge. Should you not have such factors to consider, then the choice is merely one of taste. Velvet or silk cushions will add that special touch of luxury to a room.

The matter of colour will also need to be addressed. Colours which are similar to tones already present in your decor look good if you are going for a tranquil, spacious feel. Alternatively, you can use cushions to inject much-needed colour into your living space. Clashing colours can work as long as they are chosen well and you do not have too many cushions in jarring colours.

Comfort-wise, there are many cushions which have interesting and unusual surfaces which can add to their overall appeal. Really soft cushions will make your lounge a cosy place to retreat to on a winter’s night. Coarser textured cushions might make an interesting feature in a conservatory or on sun loungers outside. If you are looking to create a striking effect, why not choose cushions featuring different patterns, all in the same two colours?

We hope these tips are helpful to you in your quest for finding the perfect cushions. There are lots of things to think about, but with a little time and effort you should be able to secure cushions which are perfect for your home.

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