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When you have bought a new house one of the best things when you move in is the opportunity to furnish the place to meet your own tastes. The home furnishing industry is absolute huge. Millions of pounds are spent on new items of furniture every single year. From comfy king sized beds to classic solid oak dining chairs, the sky is the limit when it comes to browsing the different types of furniture available to put in a home. With this in mind, let’s take a look at some ways in which you could spruce up your home décor and furnishings this winter.


Bathrooms often get neglected when it comes to home furnishings. After all, once you have fitted a toilet, bath and sink into a room there is often little space for anything else. This doesn’t mean that a bathroom cannot be made to feel special though. Rather than going for a bog standard mirror, have a browse or a more ornate carved one instead. A few pot plants will breathe life and vigour into the room, and matching coloured towels will add an extra sense of class.

Dining Rooms

If you have been living with mismatched chairs, now is the time to invest in some quality oak dining chairs instead. A matching set of oak dining room chairs looks and feels superb. When inviting friends round to dinner you do not want to be embarrassed about the state of your home’s dining furniture. Invest in some quality chairs that could last for a lifetime if looked after properly. Hanging a few pictures for guests to look at whilst they are waiting between courses is also a good idea. Pictures can provide a talking point if conversation momentarily stalls. Ensure that the finest possible eating environment is created within your dining room.


The centrepiece of any bedroom is, of course, the bed. Whilst you may not want to replace the bed itself, it is always nice to buy some new bed cover sets. A fresh set of sheets and duvet cover can transform the look of the room, and they do not have to cost the earth. When it comes to storing clothes, the type of drawers or wardrobes that you buy will come down to personal taste. Some people prefer to have a lot of mirrors so that they can always check their appearance before going out to face the world. Alternatively, shabby chic and antique furniture are also very popular.

Living Rooms

In the living room it is often the little things that make the most amount of difference. As their name suggests, living rooms are supposed to be lived in which means that cannot always be the tidiest room in the house. However, a few cushions will always help add comfort and colour into a room, and a soft blanket can transform a tired old armchair. No matter which route you choose to take, there are plenty of ways to transform a home.

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