How Much Does A Double-Storey-Extension Cost And How Does It Work?


A double-storey extension is an elongated space for your house. As the name suggests, it is an extension to your existing living compound in a feasible manner. It is a very good option in case you’re thinking of creating extra space in your private property. Also, it is cost-effective in comparison to constructing a single-storey.

How much does it cost?

A double-storey construction is cheaper and reduces other building costs in the following ways:-

  • Sometimes the cost varies depending on the location being in the outskirts and countryside or on the busy roads of the city.
  • Another factor that influences the total cost is the shape of the existing roof and the materials.
  •  The establishment of a double-storey will cost you around 50% to 70% more than that of single-storey construction.
  • Connectivity to the location of your property highly fluctuates the cost of construction.
  • Evaluation of the final price also depends on how the customer wants the finished product to look. What is the final shape of the rooftop, how many windows are to be made, if glass walls are to be included, what materials are used as a part of interior designing, etc..

How does it work?

Let us look at some of the beneficial aspects that you must know regarding a double storey:-

  • Establishing this kind of extension can turn out to be a lucrative investment in the future.
  • There is absolutely no need to spend on buying new land or moving into a new house when you can expand your existing space.

Advantages of a double-storey 

Inexpensive deal- It is highly recommended to opt for a double storey extension in the first place since it costs less than the industrial rates of constructing one storey at a time.

Real value added- After your property is upgraded into a double storey, its value in the industrial market increases by 30 to 60 per cent depending upon the architectural style, property location and usage.

No foundation required- It costs cheaper because the cost of the foundation is added while constructing a single storey whereas when you construct a double storey the foundation is already there. The roof of the ground floor becomes the foundation for the second storey.

Rate per square meter- The total stipulated cost per square meter area is calculated at lower rates while building such extensions in comparison to a similar construction done for a single storey.

Thus, a double storey is more advantageous than a single-storey construction. It adds more space to your home and is easy on the pocket. The double storey may be more attractive and valuable.