Home Improvers Advised To Consider Insurance

There are lots of different ways in which homeowners can improve their properties and a particularly popular option is to boost square footage by extending. This is where bespoke conservatories really come into their own. These rooms are light and airy, and they can be used as kitchens, play areas, additional living spaces and more besides.

Of course, before consumers go ahead and start planning a bespoke conservatory, they have to consider a number of issues. For example, they need to work out what their budget for the projects will be so that they do not end up overstretching their finances. Also, they must ensure they know what they want from the finished results. After all, they may be living with the addition to their homes for many years to come, so it is vital that they are completely happy with it.

Meanwhile, insurance may also be something to consider. Recently, uSwitch.com urged consumers to check they have suitable financial cover in place before commencing improvements.

Research conducted by the organisation indicated that nearly a third of consumers who have undertaken work to enhance their homes failed to notify their insurance providers, meaning their policies are at risk of being invalid.

The organisation noted that most building insurance policies are based on the structure of homes as they stand when financial protection is taken out. Therefore, adding new rooms, knocking through walls and engaging in other changes can significantly affect the terms of the cover. Despite this, only 17 per cent of homeowners check their policies and contact their providers ahead of projects, uSwitch.com discovered.

The organisation also found that 90 per cent of homeowners have renovated their abodes over the last five years, while 58 per cent have carried out extension work.

Commenting on the statistics, personal finance expert at uSwitch.com Michael Ossei said: “We are a nation gripped by extension fever, with many people deciding to create more space in their existing home rather than move. But, with all the emotional and financial challenges of building work, home insurance is often the last thing on your mind. It’s absolutely vital to get in touch with your insurer before you start on any home improvement project to see how it will affect your policy.

“If you are extending your home you are likely to be increasing the rebuild cost – so you will need to make sure this is updated with your insurer. You might need to buy specialist insurance if your home has been built in an unusual way – such as if it has timber frames or another non-standard feature. Plus, if any external windows, doors or walls are removed during building work, you will be more vulnerable to burglaries, so you also need to make sure you are covered for this.”

As well as making sure their financial cover is up-to-date, anyone planning to add a new luxury conservatory to their home should take care to choose a skilled provider that is capable of achieving the very best results.

About the Author – Anna Longdin is a freelance blogger who contributes regularly to a wide range of home improvement sites, including Breckenridge.

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