The Surprising Benefits Of Wonderful Wooden Window Frames

Wooden Window Frames

It’s a decision that thousands of homeowners up and down the UK are forced to make every day – one that on the surface seems to have a simple enough answer. When the time comes to choose the most appropriate materials for new windows and doors, the most common course of action is to dive straight into UPVC. It’s modern, it’s affordable and it’s perhaps the most common choice of all – in essence it seems like a pretty obvious choice.

However, there are certain unique benefits to be had from some of the other popular materials on the market – one of which being wood. Yes, wooden windows frames represent something of an old-school choice and don’t appear to be oozing with technological advances, but can at the same time be quite incredibly rewarding choices for even the most modern of homes. They’ve never been more affordable, but questions are understandably asked about which material makes the most sense.

So if you’ve ever doubted exactly how wooden window frames can deliver more than their counterparts, here’s a quick overview from the experts at Novells to illustrate the point:

Environmental Impact

Contrary to popular belief, wooden window frames are in fact considerably more environmentally friendly that most UPVC alternatives. The reason being that the manufacturing process calls for vastly reduced use of energy and resources, while at the same time doesn’t emit nearly as many pollutants. And what’s more, windows and doors purchased from those providers which insist on sourcing materials responsibly can actually have a positive impact on the environment, with multiple trees being planted for each used in the manufacturing process.


It’s common to think that UPVC is for life while wooden frames are a temporary investment. Interestingly though it’s actually quite to the contrary as while UPVC frames have an average life in the region of 30 years, wooden frames can more often than not last twice as long – 60 years or more. What’s important to remember is that modern wooden window frames have come a long way from those of decades gone by and have been engineered in such a manner as to make them stronger and more dependable than ever before.

Aesthetic Appeal

It’s purely a matter of opinion of course, but there can’t be many out there who would argue the way in which wooden windows add a uniquely elegant aesthetic to pretty much any property across the board. From the sleekest of modern homes to classic cottages and everything else in-between, wooden windows are the very dictionary definition of timeless and never fail to bring both interiors and exteriors to life.

Lower Energy Consumption

The natural properties of wood make it one of the most effective insulators of any comparable material, manmade or otherwise. Over and above the likes of UPVC and aluminium, wooden windows help keep all rooms of the home as warm as possible by preventing the cold from the outside making its way in. Bolstered with the usual decorative and practical accompaniments on the inside, wooden windows can help reduce home energy consumption and facilitate lower bills.

Property Values

There’s really nothing out there quite like stunning new windows and doors when it comes to boosting a home’s property values for years to come. Without windows and doors, most homes are nothing more than generically-shaped piles of bricks – it’s the windows and doors you choose that give it such character. And as wooden windows and doors are something of a firm favourite among all ages and tastes, it’s a great way of adding welcome value to any property.


Wooden windows are also surprisingly secure and represent an enormous challenge for anyone looking to gain unauthorised entry from the outside. Again, the naturally strong and robust properties of wood make it the perfect material of choice to stand up to all external attacks – including those inflicted and the hands of the Great British weather.


And finally, what really makes wooden windows stand out as a uniquely appealing choice is the way in which they are truly timeless – they’re just as desirable and stylish today as they were a century ago. This is important because while there will always be fads and temporary trends, there are very few changes that can be made to a home in full confidence that they will retain their value long-term. Wooden windows represent a rare example of such a timeless design accent – one that’s guaranteed to be as desirable 50 years from now as it was generations ago.

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