How To Make Shelving Units Look More Interesting


Every family chooses something to show off in shelves like heirloom items, handguns and rifles, ceramic collections, etc. Even though the highlight may be the content on top of the shelf, there’s no reason for the shelf itself to be boring. If you are creative, you can make any shelving unit look great. Here are some ways you can make your shelves more aesthetically pleasing.

Add cabinets along the window

If you’re planning a kitchen remodel and don’t want to give up the view, you might consider putting cabinets in front of your windows. The depth of these cabinets depends on the wall, window, and countertop material. Cabinets can be installed on the bottom floor or right under the windows.

Add cabinets along the window and have the entire look of the room change in an instant. It’s amazing how much more spacious a room appears when you add this window treatment.

Choose a Bright Color

Painting a bright color on your shelf can change the mood of your room. It will be even more eye-catching once you put it inside a shelf. Any color will benefit from the right combination with other complementary colors. In the end, you have to select the one that is best for your shelf.

Angled bookcases

Sometimes, we might want something that provides a striking visual to the room, and angled bookcases definitely fit the bill. When designing a room with angled bookcases, it can be important to keep in mind that the shelves aren’t actually receding. Because the placement of shelves is precise, you don’t want to have images and paintings on the wall above that are too high or they will clash with the books above them.

Do not display small items together

The ideal number of items to display on a shelf depends on the space restrictions, how wide the shelf is, and the type of items you’re displaying. A bunch of small items can make your shelf look too crowded. Putting tall, medium, and small items next to each other gives more visual contrast, making it more interesting.

Install hidden brackets to hang art on the wall

Choosing where to hang art on the wall can be tricky. Not every piece of art is meant to hang in a frame on the wall. Certain pieces of art are meant to be displayed in other ways, and you might be surprised how many other options there really are for displaying art. Floating shelf brackets are designed to simplify the look of your space. Minimalist designs are forever classy so you can’t go wrong with this choice.

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