How To Create A Rustic Feel For Your Home?

Rustic Feel For Your Home

There are many aspects of your home that you can include in a rustic theme, some of which you might not have thought about.

For example, floor coverings can really add to the rustic feel – rather than standard carpets or even wooden floors, why not try natural fibre flooring such as sisal or jute. It’s very hardwearing and long-lasting, easy to maintain and comes in a variety of warm shades.

Window blinds or shades are another aspect you may not have considered. There are some beautiful bamboo blinds available, as well as delicate Japanese style paper window shades. Alternatively if you want to go for the traditional colonial look, window shutters are a high quality long-term solution and are available in a natural, unfinished rustic look. Or of course they can be painted in any colour you wish to fit with your overall scheme.

Lighting is also an important part of the look of your home. Many attractive rustic style lamps and light shades are available, that use natural materials to give a warm subtle glow. There are many online suppliers for the rustic look, such as My Home Sweet Home .

If your home already has wooden floors, they can certainly fit well with the rustic feel, especially if you accessorise them with suitable rugs. Warm shades and natural fibres such as hessian or woven leather will work well.

Wallpaper can also contribute to a rustic theme. These days there is an amazing range of textured materials and colours available including linen which is ideal for a feature wall.

Doors and door furniture is another aspect of home decor that you may not immediately think about when designing your theme. But these are actually quite a key feature of the overall look. For a rustic theme you could go for unfinished wood doors and black iron handles, latches and finger plates.

The kitchen is obviously a major feature of any home so this will need to fit in with your rustic theme too. Many kitchen units are available in a country or farmhouse style, with colours and handles to fit with the theme. Wooden or slate worktops will also fit in well and why not try a traditional large square Belfast sink and taps? Don’t forget appliances too – if your budget will stretch then an Aga or Raeburn range cooker will really complete the look.

Most modern homes have central heating and therefore radiators. To fit with the rustic theme, you could cover these with wooden radiator covers, which allow the heat to circulate but look more attractive and can be made in any style. If you are lucky enough to have the possibility of an open fire, that would be the ultimate rustic feature. It can be accessorized with log basket, coal scuttle and pokers in traditional iron.

When you’re looking for furniture and accessories to include in your rustic theme, why not consider vintage, reclaimed or repurposed items? They will already have a gently used look which will fit better with the overall style than brand new goods.

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