Hand-Knotted Vs. Hand Tufted Carpets

Tufted Carpets

According to the experts, hand tufted carpets are also called Full Cut or Latex carpets. They have similar appearance like that of the hand knotted carpets. However, the different noticed among the two is the way how they are produced. Using a hand operated tool like the tufting gun, a tufted Oriental rug is developed. No special skill is necessary to create tufted carpets. But knotted carpet does take plenty of time to be developed and also does require good amount of skills to tie the knots correctly and neatly.

Quality carpets

For creating superior quality hand-tufted rugs, there needs to be used fine quality wool. But hand-knotted rug quality is often measured by knot numbers present per square inch. Holding tufts in their place, is used latex glue. Hence, hand-tufted carpet is also called latex rug. Often people tend to consider such carpet types to be disposable since much skill or labour is not required. But they do come with certain benefits, like being less costly when compared to hand-knotted rugs and can retain colour even in those high-traffic areas, withstanding time.

Things to consider

Although tufted rugs do come with its own benefits, if it is not created with high-quality wool, then the carpet is sure to wear out quickly. In case, a tufted rug is purchased for the room, then care should be taken to ensure that only the reputed supplier in the carpet industry is selected for the purpose. High-quality tufted carpets is likely to cost the same as that of hand-knotted carpets supplied from Turkey or Persia. The hand-knotted rugs do use natural dye. Hence, when wet, it does not drip its colour and holds it steady. But, low-quality tufted carpets is likely to bleed as well as fade in colour.

Another type

Besides tufted and hand-knotted carpets, the other Oriental rug type that can be compared is called flat woven rugs. Such rug types are found to be lightweight and taken care of without much effort or issues. Generally, they are utilized as show pieces, to be hung from the walls rather than being used as floor carpets. No knots are present in this rug type and hence, its construction is found to be much more comfortable than that of knotted or tufted rugs.

The hand-knotted rug having a higher knot count does indicate superior quality carpet that is long-lasting and durable. These carpets generally are rated from extremely fine to very coarse and this entirely depends upon the knot count. Over 290 knots are found per square inch in the extremely fine carpets. But the coarse hand knotted rug type comprises of 30 or even fewer knots in every square inch.

When it comes to purchasing carpets for the home, care should be taken to ensure that only quality and designer products are purchased that will live up to the expectations of the users. It will be better to buy from the sites put up by the reputed carpet manufacturers.

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