Hinged Bath Screens – How They Provide A Practical Solution

11111111111Hinged bath screens differ from shower curtains and offer functional, aesthetically pleasing solutions for your daily bathing routine.Hinged bath screens are both classy and practical. They can provide that stylish, minimal look that tidies up a bathroom, making it uncluttered and inviting. Shower curtains can often become dirty and unmanageable, whereas the hinged bath screen provides a smart and tough alternative.

When combined with an L-shaped bath, the hinged bath screen comes into its own. It allows the shower user to enter the water at one end of the bath where the water is flowing. This means that the user can enjoy the heat of the shower without first getting his feet wet.

With a bath screen you can be sure that the rest of your bathroom floor will be kept dry. Most bath screens now come with reliable seals, which ensure that there is no spillage onto your bathroom floor. This is obviously a key benefit. Whereas many shower curtains cannot handle a fast-flowing spray from the shower, the bath screen will withstand even a power shower.

Another practical reason to choose a bath screen over a shower curtain is that it is much easier to clean. Normal household cleaning products will keep your screen sparkling, whereas a shower curtain can easily develop mildew, which is a nuisance to remove. Even in the most meticulous households, a bath screen will compare well with what can often be a messy looking shower curtain. The bath screen is also very durable. The glass is tough and can withstand heat, making it a safe solution for your bathroom.

A bath screen will need to be properly installed when you are designing your bathroom. If your screen is correctly installed, it will fit your bath perfectly, combining your bath and shower area. This will ensure that you are making full use of all the available space in your bathroom.

So there are many practical reasons why a bath screen is a good option for your bathroom. But it is not all about practicality. Bath screens are also aesthetically pleasing and can smarten up a tired-looking room. With frosted or clear glass on offer, you can choose what level of privacy you desire.

If you choose a clear glass bath screen, you will be helping to enhance the feeling of space in your bathroom. Unlike a shower curtain that tends to be a single block of colour, the bath screen will help to open up the space, creating an atmosphere of light, calm and tran quillity.

Hinged bath screens provide a practical solution for your bathroom. They keep the water where it should be, look smart, can be kept clean and are able to maximise your bathroom space.

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