7 Types Of Blankets For Your Home


Blankets are excellent items that are highly functional and add to the aesthetic appeal of the space. These items are made from different materials and come in a wide range of design and type options. What are some of the popular forms of blankets? If you are looking to buy blankets, here are some of the best options: 

  • Comforter 

These are among the most popular types of blankets. They are designed by sewing two large fabric pieces filled with warm materials such as feathers, cotton, down, polyfill, etc. The outer fabric is generally made with polyester blend or cotton. These are valuable additions during the winter as they tend to give you a lot of warmth without feeling too heavy. They are also great if you want to make your bed appear cloud-like. 

  • Duvet

These are very similar to comforters but with a couple of evident differences. This type of blanket is paired with duvet covers that are basically slipcovers that fit the duvet blanket and can be removed easily. The duvet appears as a white comforter and comes with tiers on every four corners to fasten the cover. They are filled with insulating materials such as cotton, polyester, down, feathers, etc. 

  • Chenille 

Chenille is a French word that translates to the caterpillar. This blanket is soft, dense, and raised to create a caterpillar design. Chenille is made of cotton, rayon, and acrylic materials. If you are looking to give your room a vintage or retro look, then this would be a perfect choice. 

  • Sherpa Blanket

This type of blanket leverages lightweight synthetic material that features two unique sides. One side is designed using a smooth flannel, whereas the other side gives fuzzy fleece comfort. These are perfect for keeping yourself warm during the chilly nights. 

  • Quilt 

A quilt is a form of the coverlet; however, they are more practical and warmer. They are generally very decorative, featuring different fabrics and patchwork patterns. Owing to the inner batting layer, they tend to provide more comparison to the coverlet. 

  • Coverlet

Although blankets are essentially considered practical items, not every blanket you buy is made to provide warmth. The coverlet is entirely for the decorative type of blanket. These types of blankets go above the bed without covering pillows or touching the floor. The material is fragile and designed for decorative purposes, instead of warmth. Generally, you will put the coverlet on top of the other one. 

  • Electric Blanket

An electric blanket features a heating element inside, and it is hooked into an electrical outlet to keep you warm. These types of blankets come with integrated temperature control, which allows you to control the setting to be more relaxed and warmer. While these are extremely warm, electric blankets are health hazardous. 

Final Thoughts

There is nothing like curling up on your couch with a toasty, warm blanket, especially during the winters. Blankets are not merely warm, but they are also a great decorative piece. Above are some of the commonly used blankets that you need to know about if you are planning to buy one. 

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