How To Make Urban Properties More Appealing To Potential Buyers


More people than ever are now dipping their toes in the housing market as property developers. Indeed, popular television programmes like Homes Under the Hammer and Grand Designs have inspired thousands of people to get in on the act of buying properties ‘on the cheap’ so that they can sell them on – hopefully – for a healthy profit at a later date.

Of course, there are a number of things which property developers need to consider before they decide to invest their capital in a new property. Indeed, things like mortgages, local vacancy rates and commuter viability all need to be carefully scrutinised whenever a property-based investment opportunity comes along. However, it is fair to say there is one aspect which is so important, that Channel 4 decided to use it as the inspiration for one of their flagship property programmes – location.

Aside from price, location is arguably the most vital feature of any property investment. To be sure, even desirable properties that are on the market at genuinely competitive prices will prove to be hard sells if they are located in areas that are not considered to be overly desirable.

Moreover, the fact that transport costs continue to rise year on year means more potential home buyers – especially those amongst younger demographics – now put location at the very top of their list of concerns. Certainly, many young, urban professionals now regard location as being the unequivocal key component of a property as living in a building that enables them to enjoy a short commute to their workplace – and therefore make significant financial savings – is often a vital aspect of their overall budgetary concerns.

Of course, there is a downside to buying properties (especially apartments) in built-up urban areas – privacy. It can be extremely galling if homeowners can be clearly observed in their living room or bedroom by neighbours or members of the public as a result of their property being overlooked by a neighbouring apartment or public right of way. Indeed, people will rightfully conclude that they will not buy a property – regardless of how perfectly located it is – if they don’t feel like they will be able to fully relax in it for fear of being spied upon.

Fortunately, there is a very stylish and practical way for property investors to address this issue – installing smart switchable glass.

Smart glass is a form of glass that can be changed from clear to opaque immediately: one moment it is transparent and crystal clear, the next it is frosty and totally opaque. This transition can be achieved in seconds and can be changed back and forth as easily as turning a light switch on and off.

Suffice to say, electric privacy glass can be an invaluable asset to property developers who are looking to sell city-based apartments as it can provide young urban professionals with the privacy they require AND impress them with its unrivalled coolness!

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