How Well Do Burglar Alarms Deter Intruders?

Burglar Alarms

While Essex is considered a coveted and highly sought-after location to live, boasting close proximity and good connections to central London as well as the rural countryside and coastal towns, the diverse population presents some drawbacks. High burglary and intruder rates have long been reported across the county of Essex – leading homeowners and property managers to invest in a series of deterrents and preventative measures.

One of those is burglar alarms, with Essex in particular benefitting from a sharp drop in reported break-ins alongside the rise in accessible and affordable home security systems. Here’s how burglar alarms work, and whether they’re a good investment.

How do burglar alarms work?

Modern burglar alarms cover a range of bases, from a simple entry code system upon entering your property, to comprehensive camera systems, vibration detection, passive infrared technologies, and more.

One of the main questions that installation companies and suppliers get asked is about the fallout from a burglar alarm – that is, what happens if someone breaks in, and are all alarms monitored with a direct link to emergency responders?

In short, many burglar alarms are installed as a deterrent with no further action. The sound of the alarm alone is often enough to scare potential burglars away, while cameras can be used to capture visual footage for follow-up enquiries.

How to identify the best system for you

There are five different types of burglar alarms that are regularly installed across Essex, spanning both commercial premises and private properties. The most popular in commercial buildings and large retail sites are monitored, with direct connection to both the police and the policyholder so that any break-ins can be attended to quickly.

The remaining systems offer their own unique benefits, including CCTV links, wireless solutions, and the ability to connect to security doors for an internal lockdown if needs be.

Identifying the right system for you means ascertaining your security needs and the ideal next steps should someone break in. Do you want footage to identify them, a direct call, or enhanced deterrent features that will send them away?

Burglar alarms: a good investment for an Essex property?

If you live in Essex or own a commercial premises in Essex and are concerned about burglaries and break-ins, then installing an alarm system isn’t just a good deterrent but will give you peace of mind as well. Find out about the different systems direct from your local supplier.

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