Low-Cost Basement Finishing Ideas


The idea of finishing a basement always brings the big question – “How much will it cost us, will we be able to afford it?”

It is true that a total makeover of your basement could cost you huge amounts of money, particularly if you think of those luxurious-looking ones, usually done by experienced and, many times, expensive contractors. However, there are a lot of things you can do to lower your costs and yet achieve a great-looking finished basement.

If you are really willing to do some work, and if you take note of the following basement finishing ideas, your basement finishing will be ready sooner than you imagine, and meet your budget!

1- Cheap Flooring Ideas. 

Stained concrete is among the cheapest. And it looks amazing. Could you even go a step further and turn it into an incredible faux tile floor?

What about stencilled flooring? Only paint the floor with a solid colour, choose a beautiful stencil design, and use a contrasting colour for it.

Walking over bottle caps, why not? You could create amazing colourful mosaics using beer bottle caps. If your purpose is to use the basement as a man cave, nothing better than this!

Want to give your floor a unique glowing look? Consider lining it with pennies; this is ideal for small spaces, such as the basement´s bathroom.

Do you like wood? Use pallets for your floor lining. The pallet tables usually have a separation between them. In that case, use tables from another pallet to fill the gap between one and another. You can trim them and varnish them or paint them on your favourite colour. Remember white color visually creates the impression of a larger space.

2- Low-cost Wall Finishing Ideas

Wood pallets can be used to create cozy walls. Simply don´t overdo it if you use pallets on the floors.

Painted concrete blocks can make great walls. You can paint them different colours or use several shades of one colour and give your concrete block wall an excellent and creative look.

Painting one wall with chalkboard paint is a very good idea that will look beautiful in a playroom, an art studio or on a kitchen wall. Great for the kids to have fun, to write down to-do lists, or a delicious recipe you plan to cook.

You still don´t want or can’t spend on covering all your walls? Do yourself some lovely curtains hanging down to the floor!

For an industrial and modern look, you could use corrugated metal panelling on any of your walls. As an extra, you will bring some brightness to the basement.

Like to look at yourself in the mirror? You could cover a whole wall with a mirror! It will create a visual effect of making the room look twice bigger as it is!

We have enlisted a few ideas, but creativity has no limits. Maybe it’s time to let your imagination flow and, who knows how unique your basement may end up being? Basement finishing can be a greatly enjoyable experience, don´t be afraid and start now!

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