Eco Friendly Living Creates Healthier Eco Friendly Home


The world is ours and we belong to this world. This is definitely a very touching and an inspiring statement. Well, not being philosophical at all, we still believe that this statement is quite true.We all are aware of things going on all throughout the world .

Be in majors of global warming that everyone is concerned about today, regardless of whether they know what it actually is.Or be it the green house things that the NGO’s keep promoting, promotion of saving the environment is something that is been done everywhere.

And the most recent thing that is taking round everywhere is keeping everything eco friendly.  We are sure everyone knows about those green Ganpatis made by the environmentalists to protect the surroundings and the world. Not just this, other measure to keep everything eco friendly is not using mobile phones much, trying to avoid the use of hair sprays even.

Well, not all of us are that conscious and that strict about protecting the environment. But we all know another saying which says ‘charity begins at home’.

And in our opinion, when you talk about taking care of the environment and the globe, you have to start from your own house before anything. So if you are planning to take apartments in Bangalore, or any other city, make sure you keep your house eco friendly.

Well, why we mentioned cities is because cities are the places which are the most populated and the most polluted. So if you live in a city, keeping your house eco friendly can help the environment as a whole.

Now the question is, most of us do not know how can we help and try to live an eco-friendly life.

Firstly, we want to tell this to everyone that taking care of the environment is no rocket science and you don’t have to be botanical scientist to take care of the globe. All you have to do is take little measures that will make a lot of difference.

So now before you buy a new house or do a rent agreement registration, know what you should ask for.

  • Use organic fabric- be it cushion cover, curtain, and try to choose everything organic because of which no harm is made to the environment.
  • Use solar systems- now don’t think you need a villa to do this. Even if you have abig flat, you can use smaller solar devices like cooker, or a water heater saving the environment and the electricity bill simultaneously.
  • Plants- if you have a pretty balcony in your house, this is something you should do. Planting plants around and keeping the place green is the best way to keep the place eco friendly.
  • Avoid chemical- don’t use a lot of pesticides or paint that emit certain gases or certain chemicals which can cause great problems to the environment.

So this is a guide by which you can easily maintain a house that is pretty eco friendly. So next time you do a registration, make sure you also take care of the environment.

Because this is our world, and to take care of this globe is a responsibility that lies on every one of our shoulders.