Why A Vertical Lift Makes Good Common Sense In Your Home

Vertical Lift

A vertical lift is an easily operated automatic lift that allows for people and items to be simply transported mechanically from one level of a house to another. For instance, should a house be large enough, a family may opt to install a residential vertical lift just for reasons of convenience. And more popular and a more valid reason, any family that has a member who faces difficulty tackling flights of stairs go for a vertical lift in order for the family member to easily and safely move to a higher or lower level. Whatever the reason, a vertical lift has been designed to ease the mobility of anybody around the house and also allow troublesome or heavy loads to be more easily moved. Good reasons for a lift:

  • There are a number of types of vertical lifts in High Wycombe, the most common kind being a hydraulic lift, which is thought of as being a safer and more reliable lift during any emergency situation. This is because the machine room is usually in the basement or foundation of the house and therefore, the machine room is less likely to be damaged by an event such as a fire.
  • The electric vertical lift is suspended in a shaft and works using a counterweight suspension. This kind of lift uses no oil or has a machine room, which can make it more practical for a smaller home. Some pneumatic vertical lifts can hold two people. This type uses a pneumatic vacuum to move the lift between floors, and, minus a machine room, usually costs less. This sort of elevator is not generally recommended for handicap use.
  • Another type of house transport is the stair lift. These have been designed primarily for those out there who can walk but have trouble taking on flights of stairs. A stairlift goes alongside a flight of stairs and moves the user up or down levels. This is a welcome relief for folk who see the flight of stairs as a troublesome task that they would prefer to do without.
  • A professional and reliable company will provide a home with a choice of stairlifts, available in a straight or curved design, which can be easily installed in all homes of any shape or size. These simple solutions to getting around come in different designs and colours which allow them to easily blend in with the home’s décor and surroundings.

A vertical lift has many uses, be it simply to allow a disabled family member total access to all floors of a home, or to allow a homeowner an easy and simple way to move groceries and other items up and down two to three flights of stairs on his or her own. People who have had them installed have always wondered why they never had them fitted earlier and realised that a home elevator or lift has now provided them with the freedom that they previously never had.

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