The Types Of Materials That Create The Ideal Luxury Look And Feel


Everyone likes a touch of luxury now and then. Whether it’s just a hint of something special that lifts the moment from the ordinary to the extraordinary, or whether it’s apparent in everyday items; luxury lends an air of well-being and convinces us that all is well with the world and our position in it.

Some fabrics and materials have more of that inherent air of luxury than others. Bedrooms and living rooms are the two main rooms where choice of material can enhance the sense of luxury. Here’s a quick guide to choosing the best fabrics when you want to lift the mundane and create something special.


Fabrics and textiles in the bedroom are just as important as they are in any other room in the house. Maybe more so, because the bedroom is where we go to relax and unwind from the pressures of the day, taking time out from worries or concerns.

Soften the hard edges of windows with gentle sheers, then adorn them with curtains made from velvet, satin or silk. Choose harmonious, restful colours and neutral shades that complement the décor. Full, floor-length curtains, held in place with tie-backs, look rich and sumptuous, inviting touch and creating a look of opulence.

Take the look to the bed by having matching throw pillows or cushions, made in a similar material. Nothing creates a feeling of a home sweet home more than a pile of pretty cushions, the luxury fabric inviting a tactile interaction and the promise of a cosy repose promoting relaxation.

You want an equally inviting sense of luxury underfoot, so choose deep pile carpets in natural materials for both warmth and comfort. Keeping the colour similar to those used in curtains and wall decorations will make a small room seem larger.

Living Rooms

In living rooms you can really go to town on your choice of materials and fabrics, having even more scope to create an atmosphere of luxury thanks to the inclusion of sofas and comfortable armchairs, as well as carpeting or flooring and window treatments.

Mixing up materials can work well in living rooms to create an eclectic look of sophistication. For instance, enhance the rich warmth of natural wood floors with the sumptuous and rich colour of Persian carpets, or include glossy blinds with heavy brocade curtains.

Don’t forget fabrics for lampshades and other living room accessories. The simple inclusion of silky tassels can lend an air of luxury and attention to detail that creates a finished and thought-out look to your décor.

For some people, ornate means luxurious and if this style matches your taste, look for carved wood furniture, such as on chair arms and legs or fancy wall light sconces. For other people, luxury means easy living and rich fabrics. Natural materials like wood can create clean, streamlined designs that look expensive and stylish.

Whenever you’re trying to create an atmosphere of luxury, always consider the tactile quality of the material because true luxury appeals to all the senses, not just the sense of sight.

Jenny Anderson is a homes and landscaping writer with many years of experience. She often takes inspiration from My Home Sweet Home for the latest interior design trends.

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