Utility Of Bespoke Glass Installation In Different Establishments


Glass installation is a very popular way to bring a new look or to increase the utility of a particular interior space. It is a technique employed for both residential and commercial establishments. If it is properly and tastefully done, it can do wonders in the overall appeal of the building. Conversely, a hasty glass installation doesn’t only prove to be useless but also affects the functionality of a particular space.

Professional service providers, like Surbiton Glass, offer bespoke glass installation services for different establishments. Different buildings have different reasons for installing glass, including repair and maintenance of existing glass installations. The service provider should understand the requirements before offering solutions. Let us look at the different kinds of establishments that require glass installation services.

Commercial glass installation

Different commercial establishments require glass installations for different reasons. Some of these establishments are mentioned below.

Healthcare industry and hospitals

Flush window glass panels and automatic slider doors are often built in hospitals and healthcare units. These glass installations require careful workmanship.

Office spaces

The main purpose of glass installation in private or public offices is to compartmentalise the available space in the best way possible. At the same time, these installations should not hamper the movement of personnel and goods.

Hospitality industry

The hospitality industry thrives on the look and appeal of their premises. Glass installations in this sector are required to have a high-quality finish. The service providers should also have options for tinted glass, coloured glass, translucent or opaque glass panels, textured glass etc.

Food and catering services

These businesses often require glass installations in the form of display counters, cabinets and partitions. The most basic requirement of these installations is that they should be flush and easy to clean.

Residential glass installation

The purpose of residential glass installation ranges from the enhancement of overall look of a room to an increase in functionality of an area. The various applications of glass installation are discussed as follows.

Glassdoor and window installation

Whether it is a custom design or a standard sliding door, the main purpose of these glass installation should be to provide a complete closure and ease of cleaning. Additionally, the glass used in these installations should be strong and durable.

Similarly, glass installation is widely used for windows where they not only enhance the look and appeal of the setup but also increase the energy efficiency.

Installation in the bathroom

These installations add the tremendous wow factor to an otherwise plain bathroom design. Additionally, these installations also increase the utility of this area by separating shower area from the rest of the bathroom. In addition, they also add an aesthetic touch for decorative purpose.

Glass cabinet installation

Glass cabinets are excellent means of storing items without compromising their visibility. These installations have the basic requirement of being customised in any size.

Regardless of the type of establishment that needs glass installation, service providers, like Surbiton glass, should keep the requirements of the premises in mind. This will enable the service provider to offer the best service that is appreciated by the customer.

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