Tips To Buy Amish Furniture

A beautiful design isn’t the only reason why Amish furniture appeals to home owners across United States. It’s also because such furniture is built to last for several years. Most of such furniture is crafted using hardwood such as maple, cherry or solid oak.

The latest designs of the Amish stores have a modern flair to them to carter needs of different consumers. The manufacturers rely on handcrafted techniques to bring the best out of each element added to the make.

Whether you’re looking to buy an Amish desk, chair, stool or any other furniture, there are ways to make sure that you end up with the best purchase.

Ways to look for appropriate Amish furniture

  1. Take wood samples with you

As mentioned before, the furniture is made from different types of hardwood. You’ll have to choose from options like oak, maple, walnut, cherry and hickory. When the time to shop comes, you can take a sample of the wood that should be present in the Amish furniture you buy.

If you’re out to buy furniture that matches with your furniture already present at your home, you can take a stain with you for comparison. However, it’s important to note that stains look different on each wood, so you can see some samples before making a decision.

  1. Measure space and buy at a single time

Amish designed furniture is normally large in size compared to conventional furniture, so it’s important that you measure space before you set out to buy a desk or a chair because you don’t want to end up buying something that doesn’t fit in your home.

When making the purchase, you would think that you can be frugal by buying pieces individually, but you may not be aware that Amish manufacturing processes are different and in order to ensure that pieces match with each other, you should buy the entire piece of furniture at the same time.

  1. Look at the finishing

When it’s time to make the purchase, you need to focus on the most visible aspect of the Amish furniture – the finishing. It should draw the light to make the rich aspects of the furniture visually appealing. You can place the furniture between yourself and the window to see how the light reflects the finishing. If the light is bouncing off, the piece you’re looking at may not be an appropriate selection.

Apart from enhancing the beauty of the furniture, the finish should also be able to provide cover to the wood over the years. A finishing that is natural would endure in a beautiful way, without releasing harmful toxins.

  1. Construction

Construction is a vital aspect of Amish furniture. High quality designs will be backed by a replacement or repair guarantee if they fail in any way. However, that shouldn’t stop you from checking the structure of the furniture to make sure that your purchase will last for a long and enjoyable time.

Tenon joints that allow a minor face between joint faces determine how the joint’s integrity is held through fusing the fibers of the wood. You should also make sure there are no gaps between ragged joint edges.

These tips will help you to make sure you buy Amish furniture of the highest quality that passes through generations and enhances the appeal of the room it’s placed in. For more information and tips, visit


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