New Boiler Benefits

There is little arguing with the fact that a new boiler can be very expensive and many people hold off for as long as they can before going ahead with such an expensive purchase. However, there are also many benefits to having a Santa Rosa CA boiler installation:


The most recent estimates indicate that homeowners could save up to $400 per year on their energy bills if they had a more efficient boiler. Heating the home and water is responsible for up to 60% of household bills and therefore, any steps that can be taken to reduce them are always welcomed.


With most new boilers now coming with room temperature controls; a new boiler enables the homeowner to control the heat in their home, leaving them neither too hot nor too cold. This is a function which is rarely seen in older boilers.


Many older boilers also come with a great deal of noise as they bump, crash and bubble whilst working, and this can be extremely disruptive especially if the boiler is close to a bedroom. However, new boilers offer the benefit of being quieter as they work.

Environmentally Friendly

One of the largest problems created by older boilers and other appliances is the amount of energy they waste and in turn the amount of fumes they pump into the atmosphere. This wasted energy and fumes have been proven to contribute towards climate change and therefore, any measures which homeowners can take to reduce their own and their home’s contribution are welcome.

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